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Aksemont Ltd. Srebrenik was established in 14.02.2007 and was entered into court register of Tuzla Decision No. 032-0-REG-06-001841.

The main activity of the company is the manufacture and assembling of all kinds of steel structures, in addition, the company also deals with the fabrication and assembling of process equipment of stainless steel material and ordinary steel, fabrication and assembling of all types pipelines and all welding procedures.

I`t employs about 110 workers trained and certificated for MIG / MAG, TIG / TIG, REL proceedings, machinist , mechanical engineers and EWE and IWE.

Introduced a quality management system ISO 9001, certificated production for welding according to EN 3834-3.

The Company fulfilled the requirements for welding to manufacture pressure vessels according to standard AD-2000 Merkblatt HPO.

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21. Srebreničke brigade bb
Srebrenik 75350
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Email:  aksemont@bih.net.ba





Mobile Phone: +387 61 878 984
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Fax: +387 35 644 552     +387 35 651 290

Aksemont Ltd. Srebrenik

ID number: 4209826240009
VAT number: 209826240009
Bank account NLB: 132-150-2001646684
Bank account Turkish Ziraat: 186-000-1039293041
Bank account  Raiffesen bank:  161-025-0040850045